Working with SAP PI day in, day out, we understand that some requirements are only possible with custom developed functionality. If you have an idea of how you want to implement a solution, but lack the resources or expertise to do so, why not outsource some of your development tasks to us? You can do this safe in the knowledge that it will be delivered to an exceptional standard and entirely bug free. We provide custom development of the following components:


  • Custom Adapter Modules. This is the most popular object for custom development. Use it for transforming XML messages from/into format of another system.
  • Java Mapipngs and/or User Defined Function. Transform XML messages using complex rules or create a library of functions to use in graphical mappings.
  • Embed 3rd party libraries into your project. There are thousands of Java libraries available – from logging text to files to performing complex mathematical computations. We can make these available for use in your SAP PI projects too!

Please ask us for a competitive quote – you’ll be surprised at just how easily you can benefit from unique functionality for all your projects, without breaking the bank.