What is Workadays

SAP PI is great piece of software but it does have some limitations, so questions starting with “Is it possible in PI to ….” are frequent. And unfortunately, sometimes we must answer these questions with “no, this can only be achieved with a custom development” – needless to say, this is not what clients want to hear!

After several such projects with various clients, we determined that 80% of cases required the same functionality that was lacking in PI. So, we took it upon ourselves to create our own reusable components to plug the gap. The result was Integrace Workadays – an innovative set of SAP PI Adapters, Adapter Modules and Java libraries, specifically designed to help SAP PI interface developers in the creation of advanced integration scenarios.

Workadays helps implement such features as on-demand logging of synchronous web service calls, profile critical interfaces performance, create synch-asynch bridge without using ccBPM.

Key Benefits

  • Helps you meet and exceed the highest levels of customer expectations and demands.
  • Note: Some features are not possible with standard PI installation.
  • Share your individual project requirements with us and we will be happy to consider integrating a solution into Workadays.


Integrace Workadays is currently in development – new components will be released on the project page at our support site. Don’t forget to check our blog for examples of how to use Workadays in real life scenarios.