What is TestView

Integrace TestView is an Eclipse plug-in which can be added to your NWDS installation to run and debug Java mappings and User Defined Functions, locally. It is run entirely locally, i.e. no SAP PI server is required, which will significantly increase the speed of your Java component development. During test run, TestView imitates a SAP PI environment, enabling you to specify all message parameters (including interface name, message id, time send), adapter specific message attributes (such as file name and directory) and mapping input/output parameters. You can also save output results for further analysis, which effectively enables unit testing for all your development.


  • Local run and debug of Java Mappings and User Defined Functions
  • SAP PI 7.1x version supported
  • Message, Adapted Specific Attributes and Mapping parameters supported.
  • Apply modern methodologies such as Agile or Test Driven Development to all your SAP PI projects.

Where to start?

You could find in our blog how to run / debugĀ  Java mapping or UDF. If you want to try Testview please see detailed guidance How to install Testview.


Integrace TestView is currently in open beta test, please the project page at our support site for further information.