Integrace CheatSheets

Why CheatSheets

Ask any SAP PI consultant how to access, say… a Communication Channel Monitoring Tool and the answer might be something like this: “Go to Runtime Workbench, choose Component Monitoring, then click on Adapter Engine and there is a button. There is a direct link available, but I can’t quite remember it…”. This answer is 100% correct and you would be able to access the page…albeit after 4-5 clicks and a good 30-50 seconds of waiting. Alternatively you could select the direct link … if only you could remember it… oh yes, that’s right, it’s: http://host:port/mdt/channelmonitorservlet. It goes without saying that it’s almost impossible to remember all of the SAP PI direct links to browser based tools (BTW, do you know how many links there are? The correct answer is at the bottom of this page) and it’s tedious to play the ‘click-wait-click-wait-click’ game just to open one page in your browser.

What is CheatSheets

CheatSheets is a small Mozilla FireFox extension that generates bookmarks to provide direct links to your favourite SAP XI/PI browser based tools, such as CC monitoring, CPA Cash delta/full refresh and many more. All you need to begin, is to simply import SAP server data (host, sid) from your saplogon.ini file. If you require something more customised, you can change link templates or set server data manually. Using CheatSheets allows you to generate all your SAP PI browser-based tools’ direct links in just a couple of clicks, making them readily available while developing new interfaces or performing support functions.


  • All SAP PI browser based tool URL’s for your servers (if you are aware of other direct links, just let us know)
  • Customizable templates
  • Designed for developers, by developers
  • And yes, it’s completely FREE for use.


Please visit our project page on our support site for documentation, manual, discussion forums and more.

… and here is the answer to the question: how many SAP PI browser tools have direct links? CheatSheets knows of 17 direct links to different tools – from the Main Page URL to the Unlock Enterprise Service objects tool.