How to install Testview

In this blog post we will show how to install Integrace Testview plugin on your NWDS installation. For any further details and documentation please refer our support website. To install Testview please do follow steps:

0. Prerequisites.

To use Testview you need to have NetWeaver Development Studio for SAP PI version 7.1 installed. It’s based on Eclipse 3.3 and we assume you are using this version based on Windows platform.

Also, we cannot redistribute SAP PI Mapping API libraries so you will have to obtain it prior of the installation. Please refer this SCN Wiki page for detailed instruction how to get it. You will need follow 2 files – we recommend to save it into some local folder.


1. Create update site.

Start NWDS, then select Help > Software updates > Find and Install. In wizard select option “Search for new features to instal”.
Then add new remote site with URL and press “Finish”.

2. Install Testview Feature.

In available features list select TestView Feature, then review and accept license agreement

Confirm installation folder, verify and confirm again feature to install

After this Testview feature will be downloaded and installed. After installation popup dialog would recommend you to restart NWDS. We also recommend to do so 🙂

3. Post-installation activities.

We cannot redistribute any SAP libraries so during first run Testview will require to load SAP PI mapping libraries from your local folder. Please select a folder with these files.

After this please go to Windows > Preferences and there will be “Testview” option. Please click on this. You could see popup message with trial license installation details. Finally if you will see information regarding Testview version installed. Congratulations – this means Testview is installed successfully.